We understand that our solutions are critical to the smooth operation of your business.

That is why we are committed to offer a global Support and Maintenance Service that can be tailored to match your organization’s requirements, staff expertise and the complexity of your operations.
Our team of support engineers and experts are at your service ensuring the success of your operation by resolving issues immediately. Our Support and Maintenance Services guide you through the creation and execution of a comprehensive service improvement plan focused on the health of your solution and your IT operations.
We offer different levels of support designed for each customer’s needs:

    The Standard Support allows access to the knowledge of our support engineers and provides a cost-effective way to receive software updates and bug fixes for all our products, helping you to maximize your software investment and keep your solution updated over the time.
    Our Premium Support is designed for customers with complex, highly distributed or customized environments that require a higher level of technical support focus and a guaranteed SLA (Service Level Agreement).
    Our Premium Plus Support provides support through a 24/7 guaranteed service-level agreement and a Dedicated Support Engineer (DSE), managing the Customer Specific Test Environment and data at our facilities, for tailored testing and patching.
    We have designed a dedicated program to assist Customers that require solution updates and enhancements on an ongoing basis, through a yearly releases plan, tailored on Customer specific business schedule.