imOS® – Integrated Maritime Operation System

A complete software platform designed to manage and standardize the data exchange of passengers and vehicles between Ports and Ferries Companies.


The key to the digital transformation of Ports and Passengers Terminals is to establish a seamless sharing of passenger’s reservations data, ready for the integration with local systems and applications, for security, check-in, statistics and administrative purposes. imOS® provides an open and neutral electronic platform that enables Ports to be real time integrated with multiple Ferries Companies at same time, radically reducing the cost and complexity of one-to-one process integration. Thanks to a collection of  XML messages for exchanging data of core processes involved in the port operations like, scheduling, bookings, check-in, passengers data, vehicles license plates, etc,  imOS® automates and optimizes business processes and workflows across systems, people and public authorities involved in Ports operations.

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imOS® enables your Port Authority to:

  • Integrate with multiple Ferries Companies
    The IMOS-XML specification is based on proven technology standards and data format well recognized by Ferries Companies.
  • Reduce administration work and cost
    No more manual paper work. All passengers’ data is securely stored in the Port Repository for easy querying and reporting.
  • Invoice accurate taxes and fees
    Data stored in the Port Repository can be easily integrated with local accounting systems, allowing Port to bill taxes and services fees quickly and accurately.
  • Enable traffic forecasting
    By leveraging real-time connection with ferry companies,  you can get accurate strategic planning and be informed weekly about expected passengers and vehicles arrivals.
  • Get accurate traffic statistics
    Customizable reporting functionalities to visualize statistics of passengers and vehicles and analyze traffic trends over the time.
  • Be compliant with ISPS normative
    By collecting and storing key data about passengers and vehicles to comply with security measures dictated by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code).

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