We believe that the most effective and efficient implementations are those that are backed by trained users.

    Our training services ensure that you and your colleagues have the knowledge and understanding of how to use E-Dea’s products, so that you can realize their full potential quickly. And, it allows you to more easily identify, and manage, how your own system should be set up to best fit your business practices and requirements.


    With our training offerings, you can:

    • Optimize the value of your software and solution investment
    • Reduce total cost of ownership
    • Facilitate adoption and system use among your critical end users
    • Manage your enterprise-wide knowledge transfer and communication
    • Be updated with latest available functionaries

    We provide training services designed to give our customers the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to fully meet their potential of our software products:

    • Training Courses
      We offer software training courses and workshops at our facilities, by Webex or we can bring our classes to you, arranging on-site training sessions. Our trainer specialists will be glad to design with you the best training strategy for your needs.
    • Certifications Programs
      Regardless of whether you are our partner, customer, or user, E-Dea Certifications Programs (ECPs) can give you a distinct competitive advantage. ECPs offer you the opportunity to receive industry-wide recognition for a full understanding of our products and solutions.