eBoarding® – Automated Check-in System designed for Passenger Terminals and Port Authorities.

    Whether you are a ferry company looking to automate and speed-up the check-in process or a Port Authority looking to control the access of passengers and vehicles across the Port’s checkpoints, eBoarding® is the ultimate solution for your needs.


    For many passengers, Port experience can be overwhelming. In a busy, fast-moving environment, knowing where and when you need to be and how to navigate the Port labyrinth is crucial. Therefore this should be as simple and stress free as possible. Boarding process at Ports and Terminals is becoming a key aspect of the end-to-end travel experience from passenger’s point of view. In most cases it influences the level of passenger’s satisfaction and their propensity to book again same itinerary with same ferry company. eBoarding® provides you with a turnkey, modular system to rethink and transform the passengers experience at Ports.

    Whether you manage a fleet of ferry ships across multiple locations or a single Port site, eBoarding® is the right choice to Improve your Passengers Experience.

    eBoarding® enables your Ferry Company to:

    • Streamline the check-in process
      Thanks to self-service kiosks, automatic gates and mobile handheld devices passengers can board without passing through the ticket counters to get their boarding cards.
    • Guarantee accurate departure time
      eBoarding® Vehicle Gates provide vehicle check-in in 7-10 seconds while mobile devices in less than 20 seconds. Depending on the configuration adopted, the boarding throughput can be increased up to 5 times compared to a traditional manual check-in.
    • Reduce costs
      Adoption of self-service and unmanned tools means less manual effort, reduced front staff needs and less operating costs.
    • Ensure consistent application of fares
      Thanks to the integration with WIM (Weight in Motion) and Vehicle Classification Systems, the effective weight of cargo and/or length of vehicles can be detected at check-in and compared with the reservation tariff.
    • Guarantee compliance with security rules
      Hassle free management of check-in, boarded, no-show and check-out status of passengers and vehicles to issue accurate manifest documents and to comply with ISPS and local authorities rules.
    • Improve Passengers Experience
      Faster and stress free check-in operations improve Customer satisfaction and its travel experience and contribute to maintain a high rate of customers retention.
    • Suit a range of environments
      Thanks to its modular architecture and a wide offer of hardware and software tools, eBoarding® can be tailored to suite a range of environments and operations scenario, from large Port Authorities with shared facilities to small, privately owned passenger terminals.
    • Gain revenue from check-in services
      Have you never thought to up sell your customers with a “Priority Boarding” service?

    eBoarding® enables your Port Authority to:

    • Secure access to Port’s facilities
      By leveraging the integration with local access control systems, eBoarding® provides security and check-in at same time, seamlessly tracking passengers and vehicles with a confirmed reservation as well as visitors and authorized staff.
    • Reduce queue at checkpoints
      eBoarding® Vehicle Gates provide vehicle recognition and check-in at same time in 7-10 seconds, improving the driver/staff experience, shrinking queues, saving time and money. They allow vehicles to move straight to the ships without stopping in terminals or parking lots.
    • Use existing land resources more efficiently
      Reduced boarding time and queue at check-in boots means less time for ships to stop at docks and possibility for the Port to serve more ships on the same berth resource.
    • Invoice accurate taxes and fees
      Real-time tracking of boarded and no-show passengers and vehicles allows Port to bill taxes and services fees quickly and accurately.
    • Enable traffic forecasting
      By leveraging real-time connection with ferry companies, you can get accurate strategic planning and be informed weekly about expected passengers and vehicles arrivals.
    • Get accurate traffic statistics
      Customizable reporting functionalities to visualize statistics of passengers and vehicles and analyze traffic trends over the time.
    • Be compliant with ISPS normative
      By providing standardized and consistent access and boarding workflows to comply with security measures dictated by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code).

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