eBooking® – Enterprise Reservation System designed for ferry, cruise and RoRo companies.

    Whether you need to manage fast ferries, a global cruise line or shared deck space for vehicles and wheeled cargo, eBooking® helps you to find the right answers to your operational and business needs.


    Leading companies know how to compete to win by transforming their Reservation System into a big advantage. They rely on eBooking®, the industry-leading reservation system that provides rule-driven booking functionalities and advanced pricing management tools to boost revenue. As competition increases along with ship size, other ferry and cruise lines might simply resort to lowering rates to meet capacity targets. eBooking®, provides you with a single system designed to efficiently manage the capacity of your fleet, achieving inventory optimization and unleashing your booking potentials.

    Whether you manage a fleet of 1 or 100 ships, eBooking® is the right choice to Sail Past the Competition.

    eBooking® enables you to:

    • Outperform the competition
      Thanks to a new generation Reservation System ready to host your entire Reservation lifecycle, providing the right weapon to face today’s market demands.
    • Optimize your inventory
      By leveraging real-time price and capacity adjustments to achieve your load factor and profitability goals.
    • Make smarter pricing decisions
      Thanks to the most comprehensive set of products and pricing management tools available on the market you can get closer to your Customers needs.
    • Increase agility
      Supported by a flexible rule-driven functionalities that free you to shift your focus from filling empty space to maximizing profits and expand your business.
    • Unleash the potential of web channels
      By providing a common reservation experience through your B2B and B2C website, mobile apps and third party travel portals as well as easily integrate it with external agencies and GDS networks.
    • Improve the Customer Experience
      By leveraging the seamless integration with automated check-in tools like vehicle and passenger gates, license plate recognition, self-service kiosks and mobile devices.
    • Achieve fast ROI
      Thanks to our knowledge on latest booking and inventory management best practices, which can result in significant revenue growth in a matter of months.

    eBooking® key functionalities:

    • User Management
      Customizable access profiles and permissions levels to control the access to data and functionalities across the whole organization.
    • Vessel Configuration
      Flexible resource-based ships configuration. Fully configurable templates including car and freight deck space, multiple decks, high/low as well as Open/Close deck space, cabin plan, beds, seats and any on-board facilities.
    • Product Management
      We do not dictate your products types. Our Product Management module allows you to create your own set of products, product types, packages and bundles and define their capacity consumption rules according to your specific vessels configurations.
    • Price Management
      The key to achieve maximum booking flexibility is the “price by element” concept. We offer a wide set of tools to define the element price of your products and onboard services, including “Price Rules” for maintaining price definition based on measurement unit as well as predefined product bundles. “Fees”, “Surcharges”, “Discounts” and “Agreements” as extra price components, contribute on the final price definition. Our rule-based pricing management provides you with the ability to set nested pricelists, dynamic pricing, multiple flexibility levels, special offers supporting promotions and much more.
    • Revenue Management
      Additional set of functionalities purely designed to provide the capabilities of handling with more flexible and complex price structure configuration aims to both optimise revenues and monitor budget either with or without the integration with external DSS System.
    • Inventory Management
      Our revenue-based inventory provides features to manage the space for market, product type, customer profile, etc. by leveraging the “Resources Sharing” concept. Thanks to the support of Overbooking, Stand-by and Allotments capacity management the system provides an additional help to yield and revenue maximization. Rule-based inventory watchdog allows automatic adjustments of capacity between different resources.
    • Customer Management & CRM
      Our customer and agency management module provides a comprehensive set of functionalities to manage and organize data of guests, registered customers and agencies, including their hierarchy and commission plans. Ready to be integrated with external CRM packages for data interchanging.
    • Sailing Plan & Schedule
      Automated tools to create and maintain either bulk yearly schedule configuration or individual extra departures, saving time and avoiding common overlapping issues. Supports, multi-legs and transfer sailings as well as straightforward functionalities to swap ships and transfer bookings to let you handling your daily operations without hassles.
    • Booking
      A wide and straightforward set of reservation functionalities grouped into a single user-friendly graphical interface for internal agents (call-center user) and natively integrated for supporting B2B and B2C sale channels as well as the most common GDS networks and XML integrators.
    • Ticketing
      A wide and straightforward set of ticketing functionalities grouped into a single user-friendly graphical interface for internal agent (Terminal Operator) aims to speed up the standard booking flow for the S&G tickets made by terminal users as well to retrieve and check-in reservation, assign lanes and issue boarding cards.
    • Check-In
      Workflow based check-in system to manage and monitor the entire boarding lifecycle of passengers and vehicles. Ability to set open/close status for sailings, gates, sales channels and vehicles lanes. Manual and automatic cabin allocation based on advanced algorithms. Support for 1D/2D barcode, QR code and/or ISO sized boarding cards with magnetic stripe, encoded with the cabin key and purchased onboard products.
    • Terminal Management
      Advanced and straightforward set of functionalities dedicated to terminal operator who handling with the Sailing Check-in and Embarkation processes as well as with terminal real time opening and closure of lanes.
    • Financials
      Accounting functionalities to issue bulk, scheduled and on-demand invoices/credit notes to Customers and Agencies according to predefined financial rules like credit limits, invoicing period, commissions, ect.. Revenue recognition is performed for each element of a transaction to achieve maximum flexibility when sending data to the general ledger system.
    • Reporting Services
      Embedded reporting tool to author, manage, and deliver all your operational reports and documents easier and faster, straight through the Reservation System.
    • Integration Services
      Built-in integration module to manage the data integration from/to the Reservation System using the XML protocol. Includes pre-configured web services for common systems like accounting and general ledger, external CRM, data warehouse and BI, credit cards payments, travel insurance, on-board systems, etc.

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