Our Solutions

    We provide end-to-end solutions for Ferries operators as well as for Ports and Passengers Terminals.

    With a comprehensive knowledge of the specific business needs and challenges, E-Dea is one of the few solutions providers all around the world that design, engineer and develop end-to-end software solutions for this specific industry.
    Our solutions include a comprehensive set of technologies, software, hardware products, services, methodologies and best practices for supporting Ferries, Cruise and Ports organizations in handling specific business challenges.
    Our solutions are backed by the powerful technology provided by our software products, eBooking®, eBoarding®, and IMOS and combine deep industry expertise, practical tools, industry research capabilities and innovative thinking to ignite growth in the business of our Customers.
    We have the right knowledge and skills to design, develop, implement and support mission-critical booking, ticketing and check-in solutions in each industry we serve:

    Solutions for ferries, cruise and ro-ro

    Ferries operators demand reliable systems to manage fast operations. We provide integrated solutions based on our enterprise reservation engine designed to optimize and enhance the entire sales lifecycle of ferry transport services, from the reservation to the payment and issue of tickets and boarding cards.


    Our solutions for ferries, cruise and Ro-Ro include:

    • Reservation Systems
    • Ticketing and Payment Solutions
    • Revenue Management
    • Mobile and Self Service Check-in
    • Terminal operations
    • B2B / B2C Web Sites
    • XML Web Services
    • ESB Integration and SOA
    • GDS Integration
    • CRM and ERP Integration
    • Reporting
    • Dynamic Packaging Integration
    • Data warehouse Integration
    • Loyalty Integration
    • On-Board Systems Integration

    Solutions for port authorities

    Port Authorities demand integrated solutions to automate the access control, share data with ferries companies and comply with ISPS and international normative.  We provide solutions for real-time recognition of passengers, vehicles and cargo that automate major port operations and related business processes, including boarding card issuing, embarking and disembarking control, passenger check-in, fees and port taxes reporting as well as detailed traffic statistics.


    Our solutions for Port Authorities include:

      • Centralized check-in systems
      • Visitors and internal staff management
      • Real time connection with Ferries Company
      • Automatic Gate and Vehicles Access Systems
      • Mobile and self-service check-in
      • ANPR systems
      • Integration with VCS (Vehicle Classification Systems)
      • WIM (Weight in Motion) systems
      • Freight Handling system
      • Traffic Reporting and Statistics
      • Fees and tax reporting

      Solution for terminals

      Whether they are fully owned by a single ferry company or they are managed  by an external authority,  modern Passengers Terminals demand efficient and flexible solutions to improve check-in process, reduce boarding queue, reduce staff costs and provide a better passenger experience.


      Our solutions for Passengers Terminals include:

      • Self-Service check-in kiosks
      • Mobile check-in through handheld devices
      • Web check-in
      • Passengers gate with 2D barcode integrations
      • Vehicles check-in throught automatic gates
      • Vehicles check-in throught semi-automatic gates
      • ANPR systems
      • Integration with VCS (Vehicle Classification Systems)
      • Lane management