eModal® – Terminal Handling.

    A solution for handling of unaccompanied freight integrated with Ferry companies enabling a complete paperless transshipment process with real time traceability, as well as time saving in the transport chain.


    The key to the digital transformation of Ports Terminals is to establish a seamless sharing of reservations data, ready for the integration with local systems and applications, for security, handling, statistics and administrative purposes.
    eModal® provides an open and neutral electronic platform that enables Ports to be real time integrated with Hauliers, Railways and multiple Ferries Companies at same time, radically reducing the cost and complexity of one-to-one process integration.
    Thanks to a collection of  XML messages for exchanging data of core processes involved in the port operations like, scheduling, bookings, loading, freight license plates, etc,  eModal® automates and optimizes business processes and workflows across systems, people and public authorities involved in Ports operations.

    eModal® enables Port Operators to:

    • Integrate Ferry Companies and Rail Operators
      eModal is provided with a web services suite capable to integrate reservations systems of Shipping Companies.
    • Save Haulier driver’s working time
      No more manual paper work. Web application self service capabilities and digitization of transport documents and approval process save time spent by the haulier along the shipping journey.
    • Enable remote control of unaccompanied cargo
      Trailers movements execution and tracking through port yards during the export and import processes allow a desktop control of unaccompanied cargo.Data stored in the Port Repository can be easily integrated with local accounting systems, allowing Port to bill taxes and services fees quickly and accurately.
    • Increase Quality of Port Services
      Self-service and digitalised service offered to both Hauliers and Shipping Companies greatly increase the quality of service.
    • Automate the management of “Damage Report”
      Damage inspection functionalities available with tablet allow to track and report damaging information shared on the transit control points between Driver and Port Operators.
    • Increase port access control security
      Freight tracking feature, authorisation pin provided to drivers to access port Gate along with integration of ANPR devices allow an increased port access control.

    eModal® key functionalities:

    • Driver Info-Board
      Tablet application used by Tugmaster drivers to pick and drop NACC Trailers from/to Yard and Ship
    • Admin and Configuration
      Back office functionalities to setup and maintain the Port Berths, Yards, Ferry Co., Hauliers, Tractors, and handling profiles
    • Handling Operation
      Functionalities to track position of NACC, the Trailer movements and load/unload status
    • My Account
      Web App to enable Hauliers self-service registration and reservation functions
    • Gate Control
      Desktop application that enables the user to manage the incoming and outcoming unaccompanied trailer in the configured port yards

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